I have been studying and reading tarot cards since 2013. I use Thoth Tarot, which was designed by Aleister Crowley, and painted by Frieda Harris. In 2015 I completed the O.T.O. meditation course for tarot divination.

The cards have been a powerful tool for my own personal and spiritual growth, and that is the quality I wish to share with my clients. The universe gives us many signs and omens to guide us on our own unique paths through the world, and the cards give the universe a clear, deliberate language with which to communicate those messages to us.

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"For me, when the Hermit comes up in a reading, it means different wisdom must be unearthed. Language cannot accomplish everything. It's time for the client to understand silence, to see it as the resource it is meant to be. How much of your inner-voice is really someone else's? What senses and views are truly yours? How much of you is honestly your own doing? The Hermit contemplates this: the theory of truth. Depending on where the Hermit is in the spread, it may also indicate that the client must seek out the counsel of a friend who is difficult to reach."